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A CUSHION / pine green / medium

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SIZE Diameter 60cm(23.6in) x Height 7.7cm(3.0in)

WEIGHT  0.83kg(1.83lb)

TARGET  Recommended for animal less than 8kg(17.6lb)

FABRIC  POLYESTER 100% (Upper + Side), NON SLIP (Bottom)




A CUSHION is designed to fit the form of A SPACE.

The sides are tilted(inclined) at various angles from 90 ̊ to 57 ̊.

The diameter of the bottom is 50cm and the diameter of the top is 45cm. As it goes up, it becomes narrower.

The non-simple, three-dimensional form of cushion gives a colorful feel for different viewing angles and makes pets stand out.



PINE GREEN is a color that expresses the green of a dense pine forest.

Five colors were used on the inclined side, the same as A SPACE.

The upper side is a soft beige color that feels cozy and warm.

Cool, clean, natural



This is a special cushion for companion animals made of functional fabric and highly antibacterial cotton.

The beige fabric on the top of the cushion has a water-repellent coating

Water repellent is a function that prevents contamination of the fabric by allowing water to flow directly without absorbing water.

As the number of washing increases, the water-repellent function decreases.

The bottom of the cushion is made of a non-slip fabric to prevent pets from slipping and injuring themselves.

The cushions are separated by the outer and the inner for easy washing.

The outer surface is made from a high-end fabric used for high-end sofa and curtain, to enhance the touch of the animal's skin.

The insides is made of microfiber and microfiber fabric.

We considered the best cushioning and strong antibacterial to mites and dust.


Dog 2.8kg(6.17lb)


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